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Quick Hit Slot

Quick Hit Slot Game Bonuses

Quick Hit online slot with no download and registration – is an online app popular casino games, it originates from Scientific Gaming – which is one of the oldest institutions in the online casino industry. The game itself belongs to the genre of the fruit machines. It is designed with a simple ruleset, it is played pretty fast and most importantly – it gives huge amounts of payouts, free spins, bonus rounds, and no deposit bonuses when you’re playing in online casinos from our list. Unfortunately, the graphics aren’t on an admirable level, but it’s not a big deal because everyone loves it for the money. Free Quick Hit slot machine game belongs to a widespread brand that involves entertainments like QH Stars and Bars, QH Las Vegas, and maybe the most successful – Playboy Platinum QH.

Quick Hit Slots with free spins: No download & registration

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The only changeable variable is the coin value which ranges from 0.01 to 15.00. If you play with the maximum coin (15.00) per spin, the general bet equals to 450 coins. There are 10 symbols in play, all of which are high valued. They are presented in the following table (4 – 5.000):

To start playing, you can use a desktop computer or a mobile device. However, since the free online Quick Hit slot machine is a bit old game, it should only work on Android-based mobile devices. You may experience some problems with iOS devices. When you first load the game, the interface may look a little complicated. Do not worry, you’ll get used to it soon, and it’s easy to see which button does what. If we would simply explain:

  • Stake / line: As with all other slot games, you place your bets per line, not per spin in online Quick Hit slot machine. You can adjust how much you will bet for each line from this section. You can deposit a minimum 0.01, and maximum 5.00 coin. Increasing the amount of betting will also increase the amount of the prize you win. If you do not have budget problems, we recommend you to play at the highest limit for this reason. As an example, the highest award you can win with the minimum bet is 25.00 coins. However, if you play with the maximum bet, this figure will rise to 12,500 coins.
  • Get the maximum bonus rounds and RTP in free Double Diamond slots with online free spins.
  • Stake: A screen showing the total amount of bet you have placed for each spin.
  • Total Win: You can track the total prize you win from this screen.
  • I“: If you press this button, pay table screen opens. We recommend that you review this screen thoroughly before you start playing and collecting bonuses. You can see the payout values of the symbols and the rules of the game on this screen.

Start the game by pressing the “blue” button. If you like, you can also do automatic spinning. Your goal is to place at least 3 symbols next to each other on a pay line. Play Quick Hit slots online for free as it has a total of 10 symbols, each of which pays a different amount. The most valuable symbol is the Wild. In general, the amount of prize you can win ranges from 25 to 12,500 coins. However, some special symbols (such as Quick Hit signs) pay by multiplier, awarding you up to 650 times your bet. The free version of the Slot machine Quick Hit is limited to a balance of 1,000 coins. For this reason, we recommend using the minimum betting limits in the demo version.

Chances to Win

Every player should be well aware that every game is pre-programmed and that his actions barely have real influence, if at all. With that in mind, we can get to the statistics. The approximate hit frequencies of winning combinations are:

  • Bars and Stars – 64.85%;
  • Black and White 7s – 50.19%;
  • Triple Blazing Sevens Jackpot – slightly above 50%;
  • Black Gold Wild – around 40%;
  • Bonuses and Winning Combinations;

As you know, free Quick Hits slot machines are accessible online imply no download and no registration and are absolutely free, so the bonuses conduct 3 special symbols are in play – Wild Jackpot, Platinum and QH. Unfortunately, there are no bonus rounds at all.

Scatter Pay Free Spins Bonus

  • Wild Jackpot. WJ sign comes with a high payout cost, and it serves as a substitute for every other in-game sign except the special ones.
  • QH Platinum. One of the most important one. It pays to a multiplier level and it’s pretty high:
    on top of that, it can appear while the free spins feature is in play – the Platinum cannot. Beside those 3 special types, there is also a scatter presented as the “Bonus Games” sign. If they appear at the same time on reels 2, 3 and 4 of the first pay line, the player gets awarded with the “Free Games Bonus Feature”. Before commencing, you need to choose 3 out of 20 boxes, and depending on the choice, following awards are granted

Minimum & Maximum Bets

Since the Quick Hit slot machine belongs to free casino game with no download, its online version has a fixed quantity of pay lines (30) the minimum bet is $0.30 ($0.01 x 30), and the maximum is $450 ($15 x 30). But, what does that mean? It means that you can choose for pay lines collectively how much money are you willing to invest, spanning from $0.01 to $15 per line.


Wild Triple Seven Double Seven
Single Seven Any Mixed Bar 5
Bar Bar Bar (Any Mixed) Bell

How to Win on Quick Hit Free Slot Machine: Tips

In online Quick Hit slot machine, there are 3 slots per reel (there is more interesting game with 4 reels that’s you may try to play for real money or free – free Triple Diamond slot machines from IGT developer – you may try it to win £1,380,763.40 jackpot) in each slot machine game (you shouldn’t download it), with 5 reels in summary, and a fixed pay line count of 30 – which is not a bad idea because that means big winnings.

Winning Combinations for Quick Hit Slot

Myths & Facts

  • Myth: Slot machines tend to go through a cycle of payoffs. After coming to an end after certain spins, it reboots itself and starts from the beginning with the identical cycle order.
  • Fact: All spins are independent of previous spins and are based on a factor or total randomness.
  • Myth: Administrators tend to “loosen the grip” during slow hours, while “squeezing it up” during peak hours.
  • Fact: Untrue. Live & online asinos want their visitors to leave with a smile, and satisfied. Otherwise, they would lose them, meaning – the profit decreases too. Certainly, there are several ways to try to cheat the system, but we plead players not to. Those attempts will be short-breathed. Avoid unnecessary inconveniences and keep it honest and fair.

Slot games are the hell of a fun, but don’t get carried away too much, you might end up losing lots of money. Always keep a clear head and strategize how to spread your money evenly, and avoid putting all your cash at once. So do not be afraid to play the online Quick Hit slot machine as this casino game offers to use machines online in the app.

Welcome to Quick Hit slots free & no download, well regarded as an exciting and innovative slot game available online. You can find the game online as an application, which means that you do not need to download it onto your computer or smartphone, just log in with your details on whichever online casino you happen to be playing it on.

Рейтинг онлайн казино на русском языке:

Background And Origins

  • The game was created by Scientific Gaming, who are one of the original progenitors of online gambling, having been around for over 80 years, long before the Internet was around;
  • They have a tantamount experience with gaming, providing leading technology services around the world with their Bally Technologies gaming systems;
  • Quick Hit is one of many successful games created by Bally Technologies;
  • It has spawned a number of variations due to its stunning popularity and continues to be upgraded with constant patches.

The Best Casino Slot Version

It’s most popular form comes with 5 reels with a total of 30 possible paylines, which players can wager real money on. Wagering costs start at 1 cent, making Quick Hit slot a perfect penny game, ranging up to 10 cents a play. The greatest draw factors for this game are just how speedy and exhilarating its gameplay is, and how cheap it is to play. It is one of the most enjoyable games available online and in the real world, which allows players to win big without having to dig deep into their pockets. While the online game mode didn’t have the most appealing graphics, the newer editions have a very attractive and vibrant black and purple set up.

How to Win Big: Tips & Tricks

The hit frequencies in this game range between the various winning symbols. The Bars and Stars symbols have a frequency of 64.85%. The White and Black 7s symbols have a frequency of 50.19%; The Triple Blazing Sevens Jackpot can be won with a frequency of just above 50%; The Black and Gold Wild symbols have a frequency of approximately 40%.

Jackpot for Big Win

The massive progressive jackpot available in this game can be won through the five reels’ system. With the countless people playing this game betting constantly, the progressive jackpot is forever being boosted by a percentage of each bet. The multiplier system in this game relies on multiplying the amount you bet, so the more you put in, the more you get out. Although you can easily log on to your favorite live or online casino to play this game, you can also download it to your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet. Just go into the respective application store and search for online Quick Hit slot machine. Although this version is free and does not involve real money in terms of betting and winning, it is a great way to get to grips with the game’s mechanics, being an excellent way to practice. Quick Hit slot’s jackpot big win is $ 82,631.20, while the nearest largest jackpot is $ 18,471.30 has the Queen of the Nile slot – both are free slot machines with no download and registration needed.

Quick Hit online slot is one of the most popular games due to its quick-fire nature and generous winning opportunities. If you like to think of yourself as a slot game pro, then you should really put your skills to the test and give Quick Hhits slot machine online a try online now.

The free and real money Quick Hit slot machine is compatible with mobile devices such as iOS, Windows, and Android. The mobile version comes with impressive gameplay, credit earnings, easy controls, quality graphics, leaderboards, bonus features, prize room, and so much more. However, the mobile application only supports play to earn game credits. It is, therefore, not suitable for those looking to make real cash. Due to the accelerated graphics and top performance processors that come with the game, you might need to have Flash Player installed on your mobile device to match the game’s energy consumption. Another option is to use the HTML5 version.

Mobile Online Quick Hit Slot Machine

Line bet – use on the minus (-) and plus (+) symbols available on the screen to decrease and increase the amount you want to wager on each payline. The free casino slots as Quick Hits allows for wagering using real money with the range being 1 cent to 10 cents. The coin value can be between 0.01 and 15.00. Lines – the pay lines in this slot are fixed which means all thirty pay lines are active during the gameplay. Spin – click on the START button to submit your bet and spin the reels.

How Can You Play Quick Hit Slot for Real Money?

Practicing before you start playing with real money is a good idea. You can find the amazing free version of the online casinos’ Quick Hit slot machine on this page. All you have to do is click on the “play” button. The game will load in a few seconds, and you can play as many times as you like. Once you have learned all the rules, you can start playing with real money. You can also find the best online casinos on our list for this purpose on our reviews page. If you are playing for real money, here is the page with all payment methods to play and one of the most popular for this is Paypal casinos in the United Kingdom to play with no deposit and no registration required – also there are slot machine games with bonus games and rounds offered.

Free Spins & Bonus Rounds

Scoring super big cash in the free Quick Hits slot machine online can sometimes depend just on luck, but when the right gaming strategy is implemented, the odds will be much higher. The best way to prolong gaming in this casino game is to use free spins maximally. When the special bonus feature is triggered, players will get a chance to score money without placing any stakes from their own pockets. The first benefit from it is that a player will spin the wheel of fortune with no pressure of losing cash. Another advantage is that the odds of success will be higher after each spin. So when a gambler is rolling the wheel for free, this will provide lots of additional turns.

The first benefit from it is that a player will spin the wheel of fortune with no pressure of losing cash. Another advantage is that the odds of success will be higher after each spin. So when a gambler is rolling the wheel for free, this will provide lots of additional turns.

When the bonus is triggered, big payouts can appear like in the regular game and there is nothing better than to score free cash. This extra money will be added to a total credit balance when all spins are used and after that, it can be wagered again for scoring more prizes. If players want to enjoy in free spins, even more, they can use lots of welcome promotions in online casinos to gain them for depositing cash for the first time.

But be sure to read all the limitations and conditions related to these promotions because, in some countries, free spins are not available or have certain limitations. These rounds can be gained by any gambler who wants to place his/her money for the first time in the Casumo online casino. This is not all. For infusing money, players will get a special bonus that can go up to 1200$. When using this welcome prize, gamers will be able to obtain 200 free spins so it’s a double extra spinning opportunity for bettors who want to become members of this casino and for ones who want to play the Quick Hit gaming machine. Tune in your favorite device and spin the wheel of luck for free and gain multiple scoring chances.

Like in most online pokies, players will be able to set two spinning options. One is a manual and the other is an automatic way of rolling the wheel of fortune. The autoplay function is for gamers who want to enjoy the Quick hit slot game without doing anything. Just turn it on and relax. The best thing is that bettors don’t have to worry about missing a free spinning bonus because when this feature is triggered, automatic rounds will be stopped. Winning opportunities will be the same regardless if a player is spinning the wheel manually or automatically. If a gambler wants to pay attention to every spin, he/she can choose the manual way to roll the wheel.

How do Quick Hit slot machines work?

They work as all online slots.

How to play Quick Hit slot machines?

The rules of this particular game we decribed above with tips & tricks for this virtual slot. The rules are the same both in a free and in real money versions.

Are Quick Hit slots good?

This game is provided by the bally osftware developer which is reputable in online gambling world, so surely we can say that his slot game is absolutely good and worth playing.

How to get the big Quick Hit slot win?

To get the big win you should play for real money. If you’ll play it for free – you can just get the free coins.

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Quick Hit Slot Machines: Бесплатные игры в казино v2.4.06 мод

Информация о моде: (Что такое модд)

Особенности: Меню чит включен (нажмите в окне общего выигрыша и чит-меню появится, или нажмите на кнопку Настройка в правом верхнем углу слота и включить читы из есть)
В Можете повторить последнее вращение (когда меню чит на)
В Можете двигать линии с

Описание Quick Hit Slot Machines: Бесплатные игры в казино v2.4.06 мод

быстро ударил Слоты казино™ является № 1 бесплатно слоты казино игры! Любовь онлайн-казино? Ну, не смотреть дальше! Лучшие бесплатные слот-игры здесь! Играйте в увлекательные стиле Лас-Вегаса игровые автоматы и наблюдайте за вращением барабанов раскрыть свой большой выигрыш, как Вы нажмете 777 джекпот казино! Классические слоты быстрого Хит-это самые захватывающие Лас-Вегас казино тематические видео-слоты, которая будет у вас возвращаться снова и снова! Установите быстрый удар сегодня, выбери свой игровой автомат, и пусть победа начинается! Бесплатная быстрая Просмотров онлайн игры казино слоты приносит вам тот же Лас-Вегас на свой телефон, в бесплатно играть в игру – вам что же джек-пот чувство с нашим игровые автоматы онлайн бесплатно! Бесплатные казино слот игры от игровых автоматами bally вы любите играть, поэтому не пропустите наши в стиле Лас-Вегаса бесплатные игры казино Откройте для себя лучшее из бесплатного в стиле Лас-Вегаса слоты казино – бесплатные казино слоты игры, бесплатные игровые автоматы бонусы! Быстрый удар приняли бесплатно онлайн казино на новый уровень, с классические игровые автоматы, чтобы играть снова и снова бесплатно, полную острых ощущений и действий! Каждый любит интригу слоты Лас-Вегас. каждый любит сумасшествие казино азарт игры в покер, рулетки щелкать, автодилеры орать ‘Блэкджек’. Но вы знаете, вы любите в игровые автоматы в большинстве! Вот почему быстрые Слоты Хит™ приносит вам самый популярный бесплатных игр казино – лучшие бренды игровыми автоматами bally – так что вы можете чувствовать себя в стиле Лас-Вегаса слоты азарт где бы вы ни были! Любимые бесплатные игровые автоматы как быстро нажмите Платиновый™, игровые автоматы Плейбой, Бетти Буп, денежные Spin™,™ сокровища майя и Гаване кубинские™ теперь на вашем смартфоне или планшете. Играть быстро нажмите получить доступ к бесплатные слот игры все в одном месте лучшие бесплатные игровые автоматы прямо здесь! играть бесплатные игровые автоматы для развлечения с великолепными характеристиками! • Нажмите Пылающий 777 на, дикие Джекпоты и быстро ударил множитель! • Откройте для себя острые ощущения спиннинг U-спин бонус колесо
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• Вам насладиться удивительными бонусами монета
В • Дают монеты в качестве подарков для ваших друзей интернет
• Играть сложные мини-игры – никаких ударов цене или скрытых расходов! • Получайте удовольствие с стиле Лас-Вегаса игровых автоматов! спин свой путь к игровые автоматы с бесплатные игровые автоматы™ — Слот от bally автомат игры вы любите! Игры предназначены для взрослой аудитории (в возрасте 21 года или старше)
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